Gardens on Screen


Gardens on Screen

Jardins du cinéma

Michel Berjon

FORMAT: 160 x 205
PAGES: 480
BINDING: Softcover
PAPER: 150g
WORDS: 145 000
PRICE: 29 €
PUBLISHER: Editions Locus Solus

The Work

Aimed at garden lovers and cinema-goers alike, this exploration of 120 years of the film industry’s representation of gardens, takes in more than 300 movies. It invites us to understand those familiar spaces that are the yard, the garden and the park, and to see them differently by considering the vision of the great filmmakers, from Stanley Kubrick to Alain Resnais.

While being the object of a landscape gaze, the garden is also a place that lives and dies with the characters who frequent it, a place of art, a place of love and the site of quests for meaning. Constantly reinvented, it deploys, in the cinema, all its aesthetic and philosophical potential.

The Author(s)

Michel Berjon has been a writer for Les Fiches du Cinéma since 1997. He has also been a socio-cultural lecturer for landscape design students. Following the publication of his article on cinema gardens in the journal Champs culturels, he developed the text into a resource for his teaching, while his daughter, Marie Berjon, helped turn it into a reference work. Pierre Murat (preface) has worked with Télérama magazine since 1980 and has been
contributing to the programme Le Masque et la Plume on the prominent radio station, France Inter since 1992.

Key Sales Points

– A desire to explore the garden in the cinema, to clear virgin land where few historians, researchers or film critics have ventured.