France Seen by Fleming James Bond, a French passion


France Seen by Fleming
James Bond, a French passion

La France de Fleming
James Bond, une passion à la française

Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix

FORMAT: 145 x 225
PAGES: 240
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 59 000 approx.
PRICE: 16 €
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2017
PUBLISHER: Le Temps éditeur

The Work

With two stories set entirely in France and more than a thousand French references in the whole of Fleming’s work, the country clearly plays an essential role in the James Bond saga.

Yet to date, no study has considered the place France occupies, both in Fleming’s work and life. This book, prefaced by the president of the French James Bond Club, and illustrated by Floc’h, seeks to put that right.
Based on a detailed analysis of Fleming’s writing, historical background and family history, this study approaches James Bond from a new and surprising
angle. The result is a well-documented and accessible book that will meet the expectations of the general public as well as those of the large community of James Bond fans.

The Author(s)

Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix is an academic at Orleans University who specializes in the cultures of the English- speaking world. He has written Pourquoi les Français n’aiment pas les Anglais et réciproquement (Why the French do not like the English and vice versa) and the course book Anglais facile (Easy English), published by Ellipses. He also writes crime fiction, published by Le Temps éditeur, and is a great fan of spy novels, being particularly fond of the world of James Bond.

Key Sales Points

– An original approach to the links between Ian Fleming’s life and work.
– A tribute to James Bond’s literary origines.
– A finely detailed analysis of Franco-British relations by
way of a thoroughly francophile author and the deeply francophobic hero of his stories.