Rashambo Rock-Paper-Scissors



Pierre, feuille, ciseaux

Benjamin Leduc
Laurent Richard

FORMAT: 180 x 210
BINDING: Hardcover
PAPER: 170g
WORDS: 900
PRICE: 9.50 €
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2016
PUBLISHER: Editions Locus Solus

The Work

This amusing book revisits and explores the classic hand game, “rock-paper-scissors” or “rashambo” and shows us we can still find funny ways to win!
The rock beats the scissors, which in turn cuts the paper, which wraps the rock and so on. This game of intuition certainly has its standard ways of playing but the two characters manage to come up with unlikely and offbeat strategies to win every new challenge.

The Author(s)

Benjamin Leduc is an author and writer of youth and comic books. He has published illustrated books with Hemma, Paquet, La Martinière Jeunesse and Delphi.
Laurent Richard is a youth illustrator with more than 130 published titles. His series with Bali, le petit chien (Bali, the little dog) has enjoyed great success with the very youngest.

Key Sales Points

– Easy to read.
– Simple and colourful.
– A perfect book to rediscover playground games.