A Grain of Truth


A Grain of Truth

Graine de vérité

Catherine Kembellec
Annie Kergoat

FORMAT: 200 x 200
BINDING: Hardcover
PAPER: 170g
WORDS: 1500
PRICE: 12,00 €
PUBLISHER: A Mots Contés

The Work

You may know the story of the young shepherd boy, Peter, who amused himself by shouting «Wolf! Wolf!» while he was watching over his flock of sheep. The nearby farmers immediately ran to help, only to find Peter laughing at the joke he had played. One day, the little shepherd boy shouted «Help!» and no one came. But even then, Peter still didn’t learn his lesson. Although he lost nearly all his sheep that day, it did not discourage him from continuing to lie. That is until his parents decide to seek the help of the village’s enchanter…

The Author(s)

Catherine Kembellec is a primary school teacher whose books are aimed at children. These include illustrated books for 3 to 6 year-olds, to first reading books published by Bayard and novels for 8 to 12 year-olds. Her readership and the places where she has lived or travelled are her sources of inspiration.

Key Sales Points

– A poetic and philosophical tale which touches upon the stories and fantasies of children.
– Prize for children’s literature, 2014, from Bibliothèques pour tous (Libraries for All).