Investigate with John Doeuf For a few nuts more
Investigate with John Doeuf Find the Feathers
Investigate with John Doeuf An egg goes missing
Investigate with John Doeuf A Book of Games


Investigate with John Doeuf
For a few nuts more

Les enquêtes de John Doeuf
Pour quelques noisettes de plus

BINDING: Hardcover
PAPER: 170g
WORDS: 1200
PRICE: 7.90 €
PUBLISHER: Editions Locus Solus

The Work

Somebody has stolen the squirrel’s nuts! Has that naughty fox been up to his tricks again?
John Doeuf sets off to find this missing treasure with all of his legendary insight, and children discover the hidden clues from page to page.
Keep your eyes peeled for the clues to solve the mystery. Help our famous investigator, John Doeuf, find out what has really happened!

The Author(s)

Tristan Pichard is forty years old and lives in Lorient where he concentrates on children’s publishing. He is working hard to produce entertaining stories for various publishers and for children to enjoy.

Christophe Boncens is 45 with a background in illustrating for advertising. He is a prominent writer for Auzou (where several titles have been translated) and Fleurus.

Key Sales Points

– An excellent introduction for young detectives.
– A clever, funny and beautiful book.
– An original and playful way to develops children’s ability to observe and analyse.