My First Visual Dictionary


My First
Visual Dictionary

L’imagier du Breton

Anne-Marie Pelhate
Dihun Breizh
Nolwenn Thos

FORMAT: 210 x 270
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 10 000 approx.
PRICE: 14€
PUBLISHER: le Temps éditeur

The Work

With more than 600 words arranged by theme (beach, clothing, farm animals, cooking, weather, etc.) as well as rhymes and quizzes, this colorful and easy-to-use book is not only meant for minority language speakers, vbyoung and old, but also for anyone for who wants to use language in a fun and practical way.

My First Visual Dictionary may be adapted to any language and will be a vital learning resource for aspiring polyglots.

The Author(s)

As a teacher of the Gallo language, radio presenter (Plum’Fm) and a founder of the parents’ language association Dihun Breizh, Anne-Marie Pelhate belongs to a new generation of Bretons who can express themselves in both of Brittany’s traditional languages, Breton and Gallo. She is committed to promoting them and has also produced L’imagier du gallo, published by Le Temps éditeur.

Nolwenn Thos is a graphic designer who has also produced the cover and illustrations of the acclaimed Panvolette (2012), a collection of Gallo songs, rhymes and stories in the form of a booklet and CD.

Key Sales Points

– A book that can be easily translated into any language.
– Hundreds of words arranged by theme for practical use.
– A colourful, fun book, suitable for all.
– Designed and written by a leading figure in Breton language education..