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Age 6+

The Thousand and One Nights of Pepin Pern

Age 8+

Carter Brims, Volume 1 Apprentice Dragon Slayer
Carter Brims, Volume 2 The dragon’s Cry
Carter Brims Volume 3 The Battle of the Dragons
At Dusk and Afterwards
A Meeting on the Cliff

Age 10+

Soline and the World of Abandoned Dreams
Time Zone Volume 2
The Children ofthe Lost Continent, Vol. 1
The Children of the Lost Continent, Vol. 3 Eloane and the Thousand-Year Warrior
The World on the Other Side of the Air

Age 13+

Cry For Help
At the Crossroads of Fate, Vol. 1
At the Crossroads of Fate, Vol. 2
Faralonn, Season 1 Origins
Faralonn, Season 2 The Pleiades
Faralonn, Season 3 Nilrem
Faralonn, Season 4 Invertero