Carter Brims, Volume 1 Apprentice Dragon Slayer
Carter Brims, Volume 2 The dragon’s Cry
Carter Brims Volume 3 The Battle of the Dragons


Carter Brims, Volume 1
Apprentice Dragon Slayer

Carter Brims, Tome 1
Apprentie tueuse de dragons

Marie-Danielle Merca

FORMAT: 140 x 216
PAGES: 172
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 35 000 approx.
PRICE: 13.00 €
PUBLISHER: La Plume et le Parchemin

The Work

150 years earlier the island of Reunion had been devastated by a dragon attack. The survivors were taken by the wizard, Alexander Thiar, to the city walls and he encircled them with magic. Thus the city of Thiar was born.

In this first volume, we meet Carter Brims, a rebellious teenager with a casual attitude to study who enrolls on a training course with the sole aim of following in the footsteps of her father, a renowned dragon slayer.

But when she learns that the monster at large is not necessarily the one everyone believes, the schoolgirl finds herself at the heart of an ancestral conflict.

The Author(s)

Marie Danielle Merca is a hyperactive fantasy writer and enthusiast. In 2013 she created La Plume et le Parchemin in order to publish her own work and that of other writers from Reunion and elsewhere. This project allowed her to win the 2014 Prix de l’Insertion au Challenge des Créateurs and the 2015 Prix Julie Mars.

Key Sales Points

– A fantasy universe, full of dragons, fighting and magic.
– An unforgettably tender and moving story.
– This book is perfect for pre-teens and will encourage them to read.
– Soon to be adapted as an animated cartoon.

The publishing house: La Plume et le Parchemin

Book Trailer: Carter Brims