Faralonn, Season 2
The Pleiades

Faralonn, Saison 2, Les Pléiades

Fabien Saint-Val

FORMAT: 132 x 202
PAGES: 278
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 71 000 approx.
PRICE: 15.90 €
PUBLISHER: Faralonn éditions

The Work

Since returning to their home world, where magic reigns, the prophecy has forced Leah and Drarion to face terrible dangers and a level of physical and psychological violence that does not make their mission any easier.

There is no mercy in this universe where the elite only survive by friendship and solidarity.

Returning to the world where he grew up in search of a fragment of Habask’s heart, Drarion finds himself faced with a terrible choice.

Will he pursue his prophesied destiny alongside Leah and the elite?

The Author(s)

Fabien Saint-Val has had an unusual career that has led him to work in New York, San Francisco and Montreal for television studios and movie sets, as well as for the Clinton Foundation. After the 2003 California earthquake, he began writing the first lines of what would become Faralonn. Now back in France, he lives in Saint-Etienne.

Key Sales Points

– An well-balanced and flowing style of writing.
– A spellbinding story with a gripping new plot.
– The two main characters are as endearing as ever and have grown in maturity and their ability to surprise.
– A series that has already sold more than 20,000 copies.