Soline and the World of Abandoned Dreams


Soline and the World
of Abandoned Dreams

Soline et le Monde
des Rêves Abandonnés

José Carli

FORMAT: 130 x 200
PAGES: 312
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 74 000
PRICE: 18.90 €
PUBLISHER: Inceptio Editions

The Work

Soline is a ten-year-old girl who leads a peaceful life with her parents Manon and Julien, in a small town on the outskirts of Lille. She is a sweet and dreamy child, and a bit stubborn too. In short, she is an ordinary girl, down to every last detail.

There is only one problem : she does not exist. She is the fruit of the imagination of her parents who, after struggling for years to have a child, have shaped an ideal girl in their dreams.

Soline’s life changes when, one day, Manon becomes pregnant. Her imaginary environment fades away and she is soon kidnaped and taken away to the World of Abandoned Dreams. This parallel universe is the repository of all the unfinished stories, forgotten imaginary
friends, unfinished characters and settings for novels and unmade films…

Detained in an orphanage with very strict discipline, Soline and her friends will do everything in their power to escape this hell. Then begins for them a journey filled with adventures and strange characters, in search for new parents.

The Author(s)

José Carli is IT Manager at a renowned international school. A guitarist, composer, and keen music lover, he released an album of electronic music entitled Garajazz under the label Musea Records in 2006, with influences from rock, jazz, and world music.
His writing feeds on his classical reading, on the writers of fantasy literature that he admires, such as Graham Joyce, Neil Gaiman and Orson Scott Card, and on the American cinema of the 80s-90s which he really worships (Zemeckis, Spielberg, Burton, Dante …).

Key Sales Points

– A fantastic, poetic and dark tale.
– The story features all kind of imaginative worlds, the best as well as the worst.
– The book questions the reader on serious subjects such as loss, children’s slavery and adoption.
– A clever mix between Charles Dickens’ universe, Spirited Away and Tim Burton’s universe.