Equals without ego

Égaux sans ego

A collaborative work from Egalité par l’Education

FORMAT: 215 x 280
BINDING: Softcover
PAPER: 140g
WORDS: 3000
PRICE: 9.50 €
PUBLISHER: Editions Locus Solus

The Work

Five scenarios, five different illustrators, each portraying what teenagers say about gender equality and related behaviour at school and in wider society. From style, clothes and social networks, to romantic relationships, sport and more, this book fights gender stereotypes, a highly topical issue that public bodies are increasingly aware of, and one that is regularly encountered in the media and in school textbooks. This new and growing area of public debate and reflection goes well beyond common definitions of «feminist» or «equality».

The cartoon style makes this a very enjoyable book to read but for teenagers it also carries the strong message that girls are not inferior to boys and that we should respect them, not insult or criticize them when they do not fit prescribed images.

The Author(s)

The association Egalité par l’Education (Equality through Education) was created in 2012 with the aim of promoting equality and fighting all forms of discrimination.

Key Sales Points

– The illustrations have been entrusted to a number of very different artists but all share a recognized quality, each illustrator being a regular contributor to prominent publishers (Delcourt, Casterman, Dargaud, etc.).
– Entertaining, realistic and well-crafted scenarios with contemporary plots, well-developed characters and strong dialogue.