Give me back Celeste!

Rendez-moi Céleste !

Marc Jamin

FORMAT: 210 x 290
BINDING: Hardcover
PAPER: 170g
WORDS: 200
PRICE: 13.90
PUBLISHER: Editions Locus Solus

The Work

Somewhere in space a family is travelling in its cat-ship. The two children land on the nearby planet to explore. A strange and beautiful world unveils itself to them. But when a strange firefly suddenly goes by, and the youngest, Céleste, disappears in pursuit, her big brother does not hesitate to go looking for her, accompanied by the children’s trusty guardian angel, a robot.

The Author(s)

Marc Jamin is an architect in Lyon. He has been a cartoon enthusiast since early childhood and now dedicates one day a week to drawing, prefering science-fiction, fantasy and dark gothic.

He is the author of Strange Fruits and La Grande Machine à Bulles Américaine (The Great American Bubble Machine), published in the cartoon revue Bermuda, numbers 5 and 6.

Key Sales Points

– This modern and futuristic fiction takes young readers into a setting inspired by Angkor and its jungle, statues and animals, as well as by its root-invaded temples.
– With crocodile-infested mangroves, a water-slide, ruined temples full of carnivorous plants and unfamiliar shapes, this colourful itinerary is deliciously hypnotic.
– A story without text, giving free rein to small children’s imagination.