Strangers, Volume 2

Etrangers, Tome 2

Cara Solak

FORMAT: 150 x 220
PAGES: 388
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 88,000 approx.
PRICE: 17.90 €
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web

The Work

The situation has changed: Lilac has seen her world explode and her points of reference shattered. Now she finds herself more lost than ever.

In search of truth, she is determined to find the keys to her past, even if it means fighting and giving up everything. To do so, she needs to find allies and determine who she can really trust. But in this world of pretense, it is hard to distinguish the truth from the lies she has been steeped in all her life.

Should she trust the feelings that hopelessly drive her towards Adrien, even more secretive and unclear than ever? Will this race against time bring the freedom their group has so longingly searched for?

The Author(s)

Cara Solak is a dynamic mother who lives her life at high speed. She has always loved reading and began writing as a teenager before devoting herself to it some twenty years later. She loves complicated, ambiguous characters and twists in the story. Deviants is her first book, a two-volume dystopian romance for teenagers and young adults. Strangers is her second dystopian fiction, this time for adults.

Key Sales Points

– This combative dystopian romance is full of wisdom, love, anger and suffering, and is guaranteed to provoke a myriad of emotions.
– We are challenged to untangle fiction from reality. Premonition? Fate? Not everything here is random.