Horizons #4 Morning Twilight


Horizons #4
Morning Twilight

Horizons #4, Crépuscule du matin

Lysiah Maro

FORMAT: 130 x 200
PAGES: 520
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 164 000 approx.
PRICE: 19.90 €
PUBLISHER: Inceptio éditions

The Work

They are here, lying by the side of the road, watching out for the slightest sign of weakness. There they are. Those she loved, those she guided, those who stood in her way. They are out there. The ones who died. The ones she killed. They are here. They are here for her. To take her into the void.

As Xalyah is about to reach her goal, everything changes. In the shadows, the enemy has quietly advanced his pawns to thwart the plans of the Resistance
and when the vice closes, it is already too late. She thought she had hit rock bottom in the past. She was mistaken. The worst is yet to come.

More alone and lost than ever, will she find the strength to rise again to finish what she started? For this time it is no longer just about her or her loved ones, for the future of a whole nation is at stake, if not more.

The Author(s)

Lysiah Maro is a front-end web developer, born in 1988. Her love of reading has filled her head with dreams; dreams which have ended up becoming stories and landing on paper. Horizons is one of them and it saw the first light of day during her high school years, taking form over the years on scraps of paper, notebooks and tens of Word documents.

Key Sales Points

– A fourth volume to fully match the earlier ones.
– A very good series, with lively writing and thrilling, well-crafted storylines.
– With pressure, betrayals and scenes of torture, the writer leaves the readers no respite, leading them into a storm of emotions.