The Ruin of the Holed Sock


The Ruin of
the Holed Sock

La Déréliction
de la Chaussette trouée

Geoffrey Marchand

FORMAT: 130 x 200
PAGES: 298
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 67 000
PRICE: 18.90 €
PUBLISHER: Inceptio Editions

The Work

Since the air became toxic, people have no longer been allowed to go out of their appartments. The doors of the buildings have been sealed and the world is under strick lockdown. The new totalitarian government, the Duchy, which came to power after the disaster, ensures public safety and recreates an economy based on artificial intelligence. Vincent, a programmer for the Duchy, has a tasteless and lonely life, which he desires to be of the most uninteresting banality.

That is until one day, a government message appears on his screen informing him of the death of a cousin of whom he is the only heir. Going through his documents, Vincent finds a diary highlighting a link between him and anti-government entities. Quickly his life turns upside down, he is suspected of terrorist conspiracy and relentlessly hunted down by the militia.

The prison is watching him. The cyber-terrorists are spying on him. But why so much persistence for someone whose life is of an incomparable banality? What crimes did he commit to generate so much interest from both the government and cyber-terrorists?

The Author(s)

Geoffrey Marchand is an architectural engineer. Inspired by long periods abroad, in Japan and Switzerland, he finally settled in Montreux where he now works as an architect, at the same time undertaking a PhD. in spatial semiotics.
He has participated in numerous literary and artistic competitions, taken part in several exhibitions and has collectively published his first two collections of short stories.

Key Sales Points

– A strange, raw dystopia.
– Reflects cynically on Generation Y by considering a cyberdependent society.
– A reflexion on climate change and the risks for the human kind.