Menel Ara Volume 2
Menel Ara Volume 1


Menel Ara
Volume 2

Menel Ara
Tome 2

FORMAT: 130 x 200
PAGES: 408
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 101 000
PRICE: 19.90 €
PUBLISHER: Inceptio Editions

The Work

Somewhere in Menel Ara, a young woman looks up towards the Upper Town. She saw the pictures of the public execution, the day before. She saw Yuri Komniev’s annoyed face. She also saw the assassination attempt, aimed at him and the other heads of the Great Families.

Besides her, people are talking, whispering about the Martyrs and smiling. This sight is rare, rare enough to be disturbing. A bit further on, a group dressed in green and white robes are hurrying towards the Great Lift.

They are Putras, and they seem worried. With a shiver, the young woman draws her collar up and continues on her way. A storm is brewing!

The Author(s)

Vincent Dionisio has devoted himself to news writing from a young age. As he has become older, he has diversified his creative outlets with scenarios, plays and, inevitably, novels, juggling the forms according to his current mood and inspiration.

Key Sales Points

– An effective and exciting portrayal of ambition, power and what people are willing to believe and do to reach the highest positions.
– A whirlwind of action and revelations that does not leave us unscathed.

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