The Project, Vol. 1 Tensions


The Project, Vol.1 Tensions

The Project, Tome 1, Tensions

Floriane Brement
May Darmochod

FORMAT: 132 x 202
PAGES: 268
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 80 000 approx.
PRICE: 16.90 €
PUBLISHER: Faralonn éditions

The Work

After a mysterious apocalyptic event known as “Butterfly”, the world as we know it is in ruins. Two societies coexist with difficulty, the “In” world on the surface and the “Out” world underground.

Their past and lasting resentments have raised the tension between them to its height, a situation worsened by the fact that they hardly ever meet.

Mitch lives underground. Lanie lives on the surface. They should never have met, yet a common project challenges them. Her name? Mila Roscouvitcha…

The Author(s)

Floriane Brement is passionate about both fantasy and Greco-Latin mythology. She began writing at the age of twelve but it was at sixteen that the beginnings of La Révolte des trois royaumes (The Revolt of the Three Kingdoms) were born.

May Darmochod has always wanted to tell stories, from poems and short stories to novels and more. At twentysix with her head full of plans and ideas, she has now done so with her friend Floriane Brement.

Key Sales Points

– Fluid, lively and dynamic writing that plunges readers into a world where one surprise follows another.
– An immersive, complex and mysterious universe to stimulate readers’ curiosity.
– A dystopia that questions international conflicts and the fear of strangers.