Blue Belle and the Bearer of Hope, Vol. 2


Blue Belle and the
Bearer of Hope, Vol. 2

Blue Belle et le porteur d’espoir
Tome 2

Océane Ghanem

FORMAT: 160 x 240
PAGES: 392
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 97,000 approx.
PRICE: 18.90 €
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web

The Work

A race against death has begun. The war for the Celestial throne has been declared and it promises to be particularly bloody.

The Angels and Nephilims are inspired by the unexpected union of Lysander, the Prince of Heaven, and Blue, a wingless nephilim of unlikely talents. They join forces to face Dead Face.

Alas, no matter the victory, if they do not find the Tomb of the Archangels before the Convergence of the Stars happens, Blackness is certain. The dark prophecy will be fulfilled and hell unleashed on Earth and in Heaven. The Horde is already awakening, exalted by Death’s deceitful hand.

But a dark secret could well jeopardize the fragile ties between Lysander and Blue.

The Author(s)

Océane Ghanem lives in the north of France, near the borders with Belgium and Luxembourg. She has loved reading and writing since early childhood, and enjoys telling wonderful love stories, where passion is synonymous with sacrifice and redemption. Her characters develop in a ruthless, ever-changing world. Blue Belle, her first book, features angels, demons and nephilims searching for the awakening of higher powers. She has also written La Saga des Âmes (The Saga of Souls), a huge success on Wattpad with more than four million readers

Key Sales Points

– A second volume to fully equal to the first, even superseding it in moral and psychological intensity.
– A style that mixes poetry, desire, humour, revenge and hope.
– Events speed up but only one question remains unanswered until the end: Who will live and, especially, who will die?