Blue Belle and the Tomb of the Archangels, Vol. 3


Blue Belle and the Tomb
of the Archangels, Vol. 3

Blue Belle et le tombeau des archanges, Tome 3

Océane Ghanem

FORMAT: 160 x 240
PAGES: 444
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 123,000 approx.
PRICE: 18.90 €
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web

The Work

Lysander has become the Eighth King of Heaven: Priam the Awaited. The Saviour. The Archangel of Light.

But the pressure that his people put upon him by burdening him with their hopes and dreams – each more unfulfilled than the last – leads him into mediocrity. Overwhelmed by events, he no longer knows how to fulfil all of his responsibilities. They overwhelm him, keeping him away from his loved ones – and from Blue. Especially Blue.

Yet he can no longer allow himself to waver. This is the home stretch, the last chance to restore balance, now that the Tomb of the Archangels has been revealed by a powerful, devastating earthquake in Egypt.

The hour of Awakening has come. Both for the Archangels and the Infernal Horde.

Lysander has to make a terrible choice between saving the world and saving Blue.

The Author(s)

Océane Ghanem lives in the north of France, near the borders with Belgium and Luxembourg. She has loved reading and writing since early childhood, and enjoys telling wonderful love stories, where passion is synonymous with sacrifice and redemption. Her characters develop in a ruthless, ever-changing world. Blue Belle, her first book, features angels, demons and nephilims searching for the awakening of higher powers. She has also written La Saga des Âmes (The Saga of Souls), a huge success on Wattpad with more than four million readers.

Key Sales Points

– A third opus with an explosive finality, on a par with the two prededing volumes.
– A breathtaking read that brilliantly combines suspense and romance in a fantastic world.
– A skillfully constructed plot that never flags.