Women of Venus


Women of Venus

Les Vénusiennes

Joëlle Brethes

FORMAT: 140 x 216
PAGES: 312
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 74 000 approx.
PRICE: 15.00 €
PUBLISHER: La plume et le parchemin

The Work

The stormy relationship between Ares and Aphrodite ended with a split, giving rise to two opposing civilizations on Mars and Venus. Venus is solely populated by female descendants of Aphrodite, while Mars is peopled by the descendants of Ares and the Venusian women who chose to follow them.

But a wealthy and perverse Earthling has brought chaos to the fragile balance that had been achieved. He captures these beautiful alien women and markets their charms in luxury brothels. To protect themselves from this predator and his crew, they call upon the Sons of Fire, dragons once offered to Aphrodite by Hephaestus.

All of the wit, intelligence and courage of some Earthlings – feminists and a few brave men – will be needed to restore order and rebuild bonds of friendship that were broken centuries earlier.

The Author(s)

Joëlle Brethes was born in Paris in 1947 and has been living on the island of Reunion since 1993, first working as a French teacher, then retiring and staying. For her, writing remains both a passion and favourite hobby. She
writes short stories and tales which may be read aloud, as well as theatre and poetry, and has received several prizes for her work.

Key Sales Points

– Written in the style of a television series, this novel takes us into fictional societies where magic still prevails and where the gods are centre stage.
– A feminist fantasy novel that denounces the cruelty of men who feel superior to women.
– Politics, power, sex, resistance, war… The author has provided us with a strong, enthralling first novel.