The Army of Watchers Volume 3 –  The Forgotten Wall


The Army of Watchers
Volume 3 –
The Forgotten Walls

L’Armée des Veilleurs Tome 3 – Les murailles oubliées

FORMAT: 148 x 210
PAGES: To be confirmed
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: To be confirmed
PRICE: 24 €
PUBLISHER: Tri Nox éditions

The Work

The troupe of Breton and Viking warriors led by Golven, the architect monk, pushes into the Arrée mountains to set up the blacksmith Yacub’s workshops.

In the depths of the forest of Huelgoat, they find an
ancient fortress, held by the mysterious brotherhood of the Watchers. Monks, warriors, blacksmiths, healers and “night singers” will have to combine their strengths and skills to repel the dreadful threat that is coming from the darkness. Because the battle that will be played out below the fortress walls will far exceed anything they have known before.

The Author(s)

After some years of being active on the music scene, as an instrumentalist, producer, record dealer and guitar teacher, Jérôme Nédélec turned to writing. Drawing on his enthusiasm for history, archeology, myths and imaginary worlds, his writing is strongly influenced by popular culture. He organizes literary cafes and writing workshops and regularly gives lectures on the links between the Vikings and Brittany.

Key Sales Points

– The narrative world of The Army of Watchers combines
History and fantasy in Brittany in the High Middle Ages
when Christianity was well-established, in this land on
the edge of Europe, but older beliefs still lingered.
– A breathless, historical fantasy novel – full of action.

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