The Guardians of the Dawn Vol. 1: Rose and the Fight Against Fate


The Guardians of the Dawn Vol. 1: Rose and the Fight Against Fate

Les Gardiennes de l’aube Tome 1 : Rose, la lutte contre le destin

Virginie Carré-Lapresad

FORMAT: 140 x 216
PAGES: 304
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 77 000 approx.
PRICE: 18.00 €
PUBLISHER: La Plume et le Parchemin

The Work

For hundreds of years and from generation to generation, a line of women has lived under the curse of Lilith, an implacable demoness consumed by vengeance and hatred.

In post-revolutionary France, following the brutal death of her mother, Rose finds herself with an absent father and a despotic grandmother. But she has to face much worse: Lilith and her age-old thirst for vengeance. This foul creature hunts down the older members of her family and shamelessly kills them a few years after they have given birth.

Faced with this evil being, Rose must now choose whether to trigger her fate or suffer it.

She is the Guardian of humanity, heiress to a heavy, long-forgotten secret.

The Author(s)

As a young child, Virginie Carré-Lapresad invented sequels to her favourite tales. Later she feeds her passion and imagination by reading authors as diverse as Stephen King, Jane Austen and Agatha Christie. She is rather shy and is often more at ease with a pencil, both for drawing and writing, giving her two outlets for her emotions, her anger and her passions. Her fantasy
stories, anchored in a very real historical context, deal with universal themes such as love and family heritage.

Key Sales Points

– From the very first lines of the introduction, readers are lead into a dark place, populated by supernatural and evil monsters.
– Strange beings, guardian spirits, evil creatures, magic and romance – are all key elements in this story, contributing to an unreal universe where a woman has to fight for her offspring’s future.
– Whether we engage with the story purely as a fantasy or as a historical romance, we will find the writing style captivating…