Marion Oruezabal

FORMAT: 135 x 200
PAGES: 214
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 53,000 approx.
PRICE: 17.00 €
PUBLISHER: Hatanna éditions

The Work

Tom is an outstanding sailor who knows the seas like the back of his hand. But one day, while they’re ashore, he has a very odd encounter. He doesn’t know if it’s a mirage or if it’s real, but the object he is given may well save his life.

Shortly afterwards his boat is wrecked. Tom then has to survive in the depths of the sea, in a world he knows nothing about. His guides are nevertheless there to help him. But doesn’t he have a greater destiny in store?

Between prophecy and adventure, this novel plunges us into the unexplored depths of the sea where Atlantis and the Mayas are brought back to life.

The Author(s)

Marion Oruezabal was born in 1987 and worked as a pharmacist for some years before turning to teaching. Her love for scuba diving and the undersea world greatly inspires her writings. She has also written Dans l’oeil de l’astre (Ed Kirographaires, 2013), Luminescences (Ed Sidérissimes, 2016), La Planète de Pâques (Ed Chloé des Lys, 2017) and Le Coeur du taureau (Ed Maïa, 2019).

Key Sales Points

– The book plunges us into the mysteries of a long-lost city.
– Legends and ancient curses resurface as we turn the pages.
– A smooth, light writing style that nevertheless allows a brief criticism of humans’ mistreatment of the environment.