I am Still a Viking Volume 1


I am Still a Viking Vol. 1

Je suis toujours un Viking,
Tome 1

Dominique Lefebvre

FORMAT: 132 x 202
PAGES: 370
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 90 000 approx.
PRICE: 18.90 €
PUBLISHER: Faralonn éditions

The Work

Harald, leader of a Viking horde banished by his king, finds himself, by some stange temporal anomaly, in our time, in a small French town where he is considered a migrant. He lives as a barbarian and his crimes persuade the police that a serial killer is on the rampage in the town.

A prostitute slowly civilizes him and accompanies him in his search for his own time, before the police arrest him for his murders. Together they explore the Viking world, meet Germans, Saxons and even soldiers of the
Third Reich, and they beseech the Norse gods to change the lost warrior’s fate.

Two priestesses, one Viking, the other Native American, use magic to allow this unlikely couple to pass unscathed between the two worlds. But isn’t travelling between the past and the present, or vice versa, changing history?

A man can hardly grant himself this right; the Gods are watching.

The Author(s)

Dominique Lefebvre comes from the north of France and has taken advantage of his retirement from the army to bring the hero of this first novel to life on the page. Nowadays, reading, painting and especially writing,
take up most of his time.

Key Sales Points

– A crazy an highly original scenario that will entertain and appeal to a wide readership.
– Fashionable themes, including the Vikings, time travel and mythology.
– The author knows his subject and shares his knowledge with subtlety and skill in this story.