The Legend of the Sharp-edged Mermaid

La Légende de la Sirène Tranchante

Célia B.

FORMAT: 135 X 200
PAGES: 232
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 70 000 approx.
PRICE: 15.00 €
PUBLISHER: Hatanna éditions

The Work

A rude awakening. Ailec, a young pirate, can no longer bear the ache that is eating away at her inside. For some time her trips away have been more and more frequent and more dangerous, and this eventful night has only worsened the way she feels. She is certainly not thinking of going back to sea and taking the helm again, but going from one man to another hardly seems more attractive.

Then an old acquaintance she would have preferred to forget resurfaces to help her. What does she want with her? She will gradually become aware that the enemies may not be who she thought.

She needs to go back to her roots but the revelations that come with it turn the young woman’s life upside down. Deep down, who is she really?

The Author(s)

Célia B. is a young author who loves reading and writing. As a traveller at heart, she loves dreaming of other places and accordingly, this first novel allows her to shares her imagination with readers.

She is also a bookseller in charge of a children’s department, and has created a publishing house that allows her to publish those authors she wishes to help.

Key Sales Points

– Adventure and suspense, skillfully mixing mythology and fantasy.
– The paces gradually builds, brilliantly combining modernity, fantasy and mythology.
– A novel worthy of the greatest Fantasy writers.