The Priest of the Shadows

Le prêtre des ombres

G.H. David

FORMAT: 150 x 220
PAGES: 402
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 101,000 approx.
PRICE: 18.90 €
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web

The Work

In Paris, Hélène Christy leads a brigade inherited from the Inquisition, a fact which has earned her the nickname Hell Christ. The pair Hell and Heaven seem to suit her soul! Indeed, it is hard to say whether the young woman or the worrying suspects she investigates are the most tormented.

And things get more complicated when the young commissioner’s new teammate arrives – an exorcist priest who might well give her a hard time. Mysterious, ambiguous and arrogant, Armand Chills has both the beauty of an angel and the insolence of the devil.

With satanic rites and dark secrets, plunge into a plot with a stong smell of sulphur.

The Author(s)

G.H. David is a French writer of contemporary romances. She has already published several books that combine thriller and dark romance, notably with City Éditions. Her other literary penchant is for paranormal fantasy, tinged with historical romance. In her two-volume Âmes captives (Captive souls) published by Plumes du Web, she created a story that is both dark and poetic, and in which mystery reigns.

Key Sales Points

– Effective and skilled writing.
– An invesigative plot that draws upon Norse myths and the demonic world.
– A dark atmosphere, close to Constantine, The preacher, or in another register, Broadchurch.
– Dark humour, a sensual forbidden relationship, and a detective story that makes for a novel that wavers between romance and thriller.