The Hemera Mystery Volume 2

Les Arcanes d’Hemera Tome 2

Elyna E.C.

FORMAT: 130 x 200
PAGES: 448
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 105 000
PRICE: 19.90 €
PUBLISHER: Inceptio Editions

The Work

Since Allyn agreed to join the ranks of the Organization, there has been nothing ordinary about her life. Her work partner is unbearable, her ghostly roommate refuses her help and two Dark Angels have her in their sights. Nothing seems to dishearten her though, not even the difficult and trying search for a lost soul.

Unaware of the shenanigans at work and the cover-ups of those around her, Allyn perseveres in the mission she has undertaken. Yet, if there is one lesson that she should have remembered, it is that since her arrival in the Organization, things never go according to plan …

The Author(s)

Elyna E.C. is a young author and chiropodist who manages to juggle her studies with her passion for literature, continues to write while studying.

Elyna does not hide her fondness for fantasy literature and cinema, often sprinkling her writing with hints and allusions, but neither does she forget music, something that plays a very special role in creating her chapters.

Key Sales Points

– A very enjoyable, fluid, energetic and highly rhythmic writing style.
– A gripping tale from beginning to end.
– A world of endearing characters.