Raziel’s Rules

Les Règles de Raziel

Yann Burlat

FORMAT: 135 x 200
PAGES: 240
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 67,000 approx.
PRICE: 17.00 €
PUBLISHER: Hatanna éditions

The Work

Rule number zero: To be able to cheat you first need to know the rules. But Onyx does not even know what the game is.

She is used to endlessly leaving weird reactions in her wake but now someone named Raziel is following her everywhere. Only one thing is for sure; he does not mean well and he is highly dangerous. And it is certainly not the cryptic rules he is forever editing that will help Onyx see things more clearly.

What sense is there to a challenge when you don’t know what is at stake? How do you win when your opponent is making up the game, round by round? What are the risks of cheating?

The Author(s)

A greedy reader, fanatical film lover, incorrigible gamer, tireless roleplayer and persistent game designer, Yann Burlat’s vices know no bounds. While claiming to be a kind-hearted humanist, this sinister individual has corrupted innumerable souls as a bookseller and is now directly influencing children in his role as a French teacher. For older ones, his harmful influence is now spreading into the publishing world.

Key Sales Points

– The writer plunges us into a bubble full of weird, supernatural creatures.
– A novel that combines surprise, suspense and fantasy.
– A book that breaks the codes – or rather the rules – with an endearing style.