Urban Fantasy

O.R.A.C.L.E. Volume 1 : Korrigans

O.R.A.C.L.E. Tome 1 : Korrigans

Justine Morvan

FORMAT: 14.5 X 22.5
PAGES: 320
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 85 000 approx.
PRICE: 14 €
PUBLISHER: Le Temps Editeur

The Work

Dedicated to safeguarding the status quo between the supernatural and earthly domains since the dawn of time, the agents of O.R.A.C.L.E. have done their utmost to prevent the different beings on Earth from tearing each other apart. Their watchwords are discretion, efficiency and pragmatism.

The person who embodies them best is Youna, the bossy, half-elf officer of the Celtic Zone. She will stop at nothing to fulfill her mission, leading a task squad of colourful characters with an iron grip: Talmad, a bionic-limbed faun, Netun, an anxiety-ridden Korrigan and Eliaz, a young computer scientist with psychic powers.

When Youna and her team are charged with investigating a horrible series of murders in the very heart of the Celtic Zone, they are yet unaware that these crimes are just the start of a real killing spree; a contagious madness whose roots plunge deep into darkness.

The Author(s)

Justine Morvan is a young publisher who has already acquired a rich and varied experience of working with others on novels for a young adult readership. Among other things, she is involved in a number of online role-play gaming communities.

As an illustrator as well, she is active in social media networks, going by the pseudonym Wydja.

Key Sales Points

– A heady cocktail of Celtic legends and urban fantasy.
– A kind of “Men in Black” with supernatural celtic creatures.
– A sharp, fast-paced, paranormal investigation, offering a host of unlikely characters – ingeniously combined with a most enjoyable writing style.