They were Waiting for Me


They were Waiting
for Me

Elles m’attendaient

FORMAT: 150 x 220
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Softcover with flapps
WORDS: 40 000 approx.
PRICE: 18.00 €
PUBLISHER: La Trace éditions

The Work

When Halley meets Max for the first time, it is here in this bar where Olivier, her best childhood friend, has organized a small party for her for her 30th birthday. But Halley catches the eye of a stranger.

Max is rather introverted and highly sensitive though, and somewhat distant too, even with his colleagues on building sites. When Halley finds out she is pregnant, they decide to get married.

Fatherhood is a commitment that worries Max. Placed in a foster family at a very young age, he has never known love and does not know what a family is, nor how he should love his child.

The birth of little Rosie will be the start of Max’s descent into hell, caught up in the whirlwind of unconditional and boundless fatherly love.

The Author(s)

Tom Noti lives in the hollow of the majestic mountains
which give him his oxygen. His stories are about people
who go forwards, no matter what, their feelings weighing
heavily on their shoulders as a burden to be carried. He
has written several novels, including Les naufragés de la
salle d’attente, published by Paul&Mike.

Key Sales Points

An original subject which unsettles all of our certainties.
– Readers become truly attached to the characters of this moving love story.
– A tormented love story, told with great modesty, finesse and delicacy.