The Time Quest Time 1: Wanderings


The Time Quest
Time 1: Wanderings

La Quête du Temps
Temps 1 : Errances

Lise Barrow

PAGES: equivalent 430
WORDS: 223 000 approx.
PRICE: 5.99 €
PUBLISHER: La Plume et le Parchemin

The Work

So who is this odd stranger that Chanasa has picked up, unconscious and heavily wounded on the road, in breach of the rebels’ rules? A man fleeing, running aimlessly through the Kingdom of the Middle Lands. A man marked with a distinctive tattoo, pursued by enigmatic and dangerous characters. A man with an astounding power.

The young woman, one of the most highly skilled healers, meets with incomprehension from her companions, but cannot back down. She knows this stranger matters, for she too has an astonishing hidden gift that torments her; she has foreboding dreams, of the kind that foresee a dark future and leave you shivering or weeping.

And truly, the future seems uncertain. Besides the warthat the rebels are waging against the king, the world is deteriorating and shakes and belches with ever more violent earthquakes. Unfortunately though, the man has lost his memory altogether and it seems that only his enemies hold the keys to his past. Will he be able to get his memory back before the earth sinks into chaos and swallows them all up?

The Author(s)

Lise Barrow is an author from the south of France who became a teacher after studying literature. She loves all kinds of literature, is an unconditional nature lover, and has a wealth of experiences and encounters to draw upon. She set out to write fantasy novels so as to share the fruits of her boundless imagination.

Key Sales Points

– Very likable characters, a mysterious atmosphere and a gripping, remarkably well-written story.
– With power struggles, a budding romance, betrayals and a quest for identity – not to forget a mysterious little group of total strangers – readers will find no lull in the story!