La Rouërie The Man That didn’t Fit In


La Rouërie The Man That didn’t Fit In

La Rouerie, Rival de La Fayette

FORMAT: 145 x 225
PAGES: 320
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 94 000 approx.
PRICE: 18.00 €
ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE – English translation available
PUBLISHER: Le Temps éditeur

The Work

La Rouërie was once a Parisian dandy with days filled with scandals like seducing an opera singer and fighting duels. Two months after landing on American soil, and never having fought before, he built himself a reputation of intrepidness and gained George Washington’s respect.

During the War of Independance, La Rouërie was even more popular than La Fayette. More intense and less political, he was misjudged and soon labelled as a monarchist by French and American historians.

The life of Armand de La Rouërie also shows how the Franco-American relationship was fraught with ambiguity from the start. Torn between his roots in France and Brittany and his love for America and its General Washington, he embodies the complex friendship between the two countries.

The Author(s)

Thierry de Navacelle holds a Master of Fine Arts in film production at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). In 1991, he launched M6 Films to co-produce more than 60 feature films such as A very discreet hero (Prize for the best screenplay at Cannes in 1996).
He is also the author of four books on cinema, the latest published being Woody Allen on Location, published by William Morrow and translated into French, German and Italian.

Key Sales Points

– The life of a contemporary of La Fayette, told as a novel.
– Original letters exchanged between Armand de La Rouërie and George Washington.
– The many details of his life allow us to identify with him and be touched by this young, independent, charismatic, warm-hearted hero. It has all the ingredients of a great adventure: action, comedy, emotion, twists and
turns, love stories.
– The story of a man who lived in another age of transformation should find an echo in these uncertain times.