The Beautiful Castle The White Wolf


The Beautiful Castle
The White Wolf

Le Joli Château
Le Loup Blanc

Paul Féval
Foreword by Jean Pierre Le Mat

FORMAT: 110 x 170
PAGES: 432
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 105 000 approx.
PRICE: 13,00 €
PUBLISHER: Yoran Embanner

The Work

This book contains two works by Paul Féval, The Beatiful
Castle and The White Wolf.
A revolt has been brewing in Brittany, a small region in
the west of France, where the absolute power of the
Regent of France, Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, weighs
heavily. Then a fierce Breton lord, Nicolas Treml de la
Tremlays, makes a stand against the oppressor,
provoking a duel with him to decide Brittany’s future.
Alas! This desperate gesture leaves all of Nicolas’s
possessions, as well as his only son, little five-year-old
Georges, under the guardianship of the greedy and
predatory Hervé de Vaunoy. A fine opportunity for
Vaunoy to grab the the Treml family inheritance for
But in the shadow of the impenetrable forest of
Rennes, an untamed individual is lurking and watching,
one who is wholly devoted to Nicolas, a fear-inspiring
man who will rise and fight the usurper Vaunoy and his
French allies, coming to be known as The White Wolf.

The Author(s)

Paul Féval was born in 1816 in Rennes, leaving Brittany for Paris at the age of 20. There he tried his hand at various jobs and, at the age of 27, made his name with a soap opera, Les Mystères de Londres (The London Mysteries).

The White Wolf was published in the following year and, in 1857, Féval enjoyed success with The Hunchback, a novel which has inspired a large number of films and immortalized the character of Henri Lagardère

Key Sales Points

– By the author of the successful book, The Hunchback, adapted for the cinema nine times.
– A prize for popular literature has been named after the author.
– Clear writing, informed by the best historical and archaeological sources.
Adapted into a short series

The French series adapted from the book