We Loved Each Other so Much


We Loved Each Other
so Much

Nous nous sommes tant aimés

FORMAT: 150 x 220
BINDING: Softcover with flaps
WORDS: 11 000 approx.
PRICE: 18.00 €
PUBLISHER: La Trace éditions

The Work

You are not serious when you are 18. Océane, a young, provincial woman, newly arrived in Paris, has bitter experience of this. It is May 10th, 1981 and in a few hours France will change.

Dazzled by meeting Emmanuel on the terrace of Le Flore, she lives a daydream. From the first glance to their first words and then finally, the first night of love with her beautiful stranger.

No, you are definitely not serious at 18. While she was expecting a wonderful and beautiful love story, everything suddenly falls apart. A note left on a pillow, a declaration of love from her, an absurdity for him – a combination of factors that precipitates events. Shattered and humiliated by this betrayal, Océane leaves Paris, giving up her ambitious dreams.

Some 30 years go by without her seeing Emmanuel again. Then an old photo awakens her memories.

The Author(s)

Mona Azzam teaches literature. Her first novel, Sur l’oreiller du sable (On the Sand Pillow), was followed by literary works such as Nerval dans le sillage de Dante (Nerval in the wake of Dante), and a collection of three short stories published by La Trace as Dans le Silence des Mots Chuchotés (In the Silence of Whispered Words) in 2018. From the Ivory Coast to Beirut, then Paris, words are for her another homeland, which she perpetually re-creates.

Key Sales Points

– In this novel the ephemeral joins eternity.
– A strong, sensual tale that reminds us of how fragile love stories can be.
– A beautiful invitation to question ourselves and awaken the memories that underpin our personalities.
– A poetic and intimate style of writing, with softness and roundness of expression.