Southern Lands, Vol. 1 One day it will be us


Southern Lands, Vol. 1
One day it will be us

Terre Australe, Tome 1
Un jour, ce sera nous

Patrick Llewellyn

FORMAT: 152 x 229
PAGES: 302
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 113 000 approx.
PRICE: 30.00 €
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The Work

In 1800 Bonaparte has been in power for some weeks. France and Britain are at war, and from the Île de France, now Mauritius, Surcouf devastates the trade of the East India Trading Company. Despite this, France boasts of being the enlightened republic of scholars and scientists, while Britain prides itself on not waging war on science.

Furthermore, when Bonaparte sends a scientific naval expedition, commanded by Captain Baudin, to explore and map the far-off coasts of New Holland, now Australia, Britain is in favour, but nevertheless sends its own expedition in pursuit, commanded by Captain Matthew Flinders.

Spy, collision with enemy ships and rivalries will intersect this extraordinary expedition, full of twists and turns.

The Author(s)

A former international headhunter who is passionate about history, Patrick Llewellyn has been specialising in the history of the great naval scientific expeditions ofthe 18th century for several years. After having contributed to the organisation of the highly successful exhibition, Art of Science in Australia (2017 to 2019), dedicated to Captain Baudin’s voyage, he has written the trilogy Terre Australe (Southern Lands), the fruit of four years of research in French, British and Australian naval archives.

Key Sales Points

– The first volume of a trilogy that tells the extraordinary true story of the privateer Surcouf in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where spying and boarding enemy ships combine to make this a voyage of naval, human,
scientific and artistic adventure.
– A well-documented book to be read as a great adventure novel.
– A flowing writing style and a gripping story.