William Wallace The Cry of Freedom


William Wallace
The Cry of Freedom

William Wallace,
Le cri de la liberté

Béatrice Balti

FORMAT: 155 x 220
PAGES: 280
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 85 000 approx.
PRICE: 18 €
PUBLISHER: Yoran Embanner

The Work

Scotland in the year 1286. King Edward Ist of England invades Scotland and, in order to erase any national consciousness in the country, he brings the strong symbols of Scottish sovereigntyback to England, including the Stone of Destiny.

While despair begins spreading among the people, William Wallace “Braveheart”, a young man of extraordinary strength and intelligence, begins to fight the invader. Acting first as a simple guerrilla leader, despised by the local nobility, he later becomes General-in-Chief of the Armies, then Guardian of Scotland before becoming an envoy to the Vatican and the court of Philip the Fair in France. Finally betrayed, his particularly cruel death illustrates the enormous potential danger he represented for the enemy.

William Wallace is one of Scotland’s national heros and was leader of the Scottish resistance against the English. The atrocious suffering of his execution brought about a national reaction that led to the victory of Bannockburn.

The Author(s)

Béatrice Balti studied languages and history. Since Zeyda, servante de l’Alhambra, published in 2000, each of her works has addressed a key moment in human history. For her fourth book William Wallace, The Cry of Freedom, the author evokes the fate of a hero from a part of the world that she knows and particularly enjoys.

Key Sales Points

– Far from the romance and mythical character of Mel Gibson’s film, this book brings us back to historical reality.
– A story which is all the more poignant for being true.
– Written in an enjoyable style.