Beautiful Bamboos


Beautiful Bamboos

Coup de bambou

Rémi Bertran, Robert Kernin
Loïc Tréhin

FORMAT: 180 x 280
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Hardcover
PAPER: 150g
WORDS: 37 000
PRICE: 25.90 €
PUBLISHER: Editions Locus Solus

The Work

This book aims to take something natural and make it artistic, firstly by identifying more than sixty kinds of bamboo, each chosen for its historical, cultural or natural interest, and then by entrusting their portrayal to a renowned watercolorist who works in the demanding field of botany.

This is the story of bamboo and its wider cultural contributions, told through stories, expressions, uses and objects. Its characteristics and associated cultural anecdotes are clearly presented.

The result is both visually pleasing and botanically informative, guaranteed to delight plant-lovers with its contributions from two of France’s foremost bamboo specialists.

The publishing house: Editions Locus Solus

The Author(s)

Robert Kernin is a member of the leading scholarly bodies concerned with bamboo and is a contributor to specialized, collaborative sites. He is particularly familiar with exotic species, having spent many years living overseas.

Rémi Bertran is a marine biologist who is researching and developing farming techniques for lobsters, lugworms and other species to inform commercial production.

Loïc Tréhin is a watercolorist and naturalist who has, among other things, contributed to the collection Conservatoire du littoral (Actes Sud), and to several illustrated works in collaboration with Lucien Gourong (Locus Solus). His books include Tomber dans les pommes (Locus Solus, 2014).

Key Sales Points

– Written by two of the foremost bamboo specialists in France.
– Sixty kinds of bamboo, chosen for their historical, cultural and botanical interest.
– 120 colour illustrations colours by a renowned watercolorist.