Non Fiction

General Non Fiction

Albert Camus, Journalist Reporter in Algiers, Editorialist in Paris
The predator

Food & Drinks

Food and Wine Pairing For Everyone
On the Italian Wine Route Discover Traditional Winemakers
Everybody can Taste Wine Flavours and its Secrets
Another History of Wine An Interview of Pierre Guigui and Sophie Brissaud
Breton Beer, History, Revival & New Wave
Whisky Galaxy An epic in five continents

Philosophy & Social Science

Mobility the End of a Dream?
What the Poet has to Say to the Philosopher
Cultures and People Humanity’s Rich Diversity
What’s left of the future? Between posthumanity and catastrophe
Experiencing the World When Transport and Media Change our Reality
Georges Dumézil The Scholarly Enchanter
Pascal’s machines The Good Use of Springs
Nietzsche and the Words of Zarathustra A Short Introduction to Tragic Wisdom
Simone Weil The Spiritual Turning Point

History & Archeology

The Last of the Stuarts Bonnie Prince Charlie
With Fleuriot de Langle & La Pérouse 1785-1788
The Picts Scotland’s beginnings
The World of the Ancient Celts
Dragons: Mythologies, Rites and Legends
Celtic Society
The Celtic Civilization
Celtic Festivals
Ireland’s Warlike Sovereignty
The Mysteries of Ireland
The Treasure of the Cathars