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The Celtic Civilization

La civilisation Celtique

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The Work

What is Celtic civilization and who were the Celts

So much has been written on the subject that we have to ask whether they were rough barbarians who the Romans luckily “civilized,” by sword, then by persuasion, or a brilliant military aristocracy, led by their spiritual leaders, the druids, who held high initiation rites and were deliberately destroyed by Rome?

At last, the Celts are shown for what they really were, from antiquity to the Middle Ages, not as primitive, but as different peoples, with traditional conceptions of religion, society and the state that were irreconcilable with those of ancient Rome, upon which medieval and modern Europe was founded. Moreover, it was the deeply and truly Christianized Celts of Ireland who saved classical culture from oblivion in Anglo-Saxon/ Merovingian times.

The Author(s)

Françoise Le Roux and Christian-J. Guyonvarc’h were leading specialists in Celtic studies who wrote several hundred articles and numerous books which have been widely translated into other languages.
Françoise Le Roux, co-founded the Celtic Studies journal Ogam and specialized in religious history.
Christian-J. Guyonvarc’h specialized in the study of medieval Irish texts and was an honorary professeur of Celtic at the University of Rennes 2.

Key Sales Points

– A straightforward, condensed and reliable introduction to the Celts for a wide readership.
– Celtic history, from their emergence at the heart of Europe to modern times.
– A well-documented book written by renowned specialists.