The Last of the Stuarts
Bonnie Prince Charlie

Le dernier des Stuart
Bonnie Prince Charlie

FORMAT: 155 x 220
PAGES: 216
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 70 000 approx.
PRICE: 20 €
PUBLISHER: Yoran Embanner

The Work

In 1745, Charles Edward Stuart, brimming with presence, courage, generosity and charm, landed in Scotland with neither weapons nor money. Yet endowed with strong charisma, he managed to convince the Highland clansto join him in the attempted reconquest of his throne. This is the beginning of a fantastic epic which, between August 1745 and April 1746, leads the Highlanders and their prince, far into England and from victory to victory, only to see them retreat to Scotland where they face the terrible defeat of Culloden.

First published in 1855, the book is complemented here by Claudine Glot who adds a preface, numerous notes and a highly informative postface, placing the 1745-1746 rising in its historical context, in Scotland, England and Europe. Claudine Glot notably insists on the major contradiction of Prince Stuart’s adventure. For his Scottish followers, it was about returning Scotland to its king and to independence, while for the Stuarts, it meant reconquering the throne of the United Kingdom. The postface also highlights the terrible aftermath of the prince’s defeat, for the men and for the history of Scotland.

The Author(s)

Just Jean Etienne Roy (1794-1872) is the author of more than a hundred historical works and biographies of famous people.

Claudine Glot created and still runs the Centre de l’Imaginaire Arthurien in Brittany and she has written both books and articles on Arthurian and Celtic legends.

Key Sales Points

– Bonnie Prince Charlie is still one of the iconic figures of the Scottish nation, alongside Robert the Bruce and William Wallace.