The World of the
Ancient Celts

Le monde des anciens Celtes

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PAGES: 400
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PUBLISHER: Yoran Embanner

The Work

The Work At the crossroads of protohistory and history, the origin of the Celts (6th century BC) can be traced back to Halstadt, nowadays in the Austrian Alps. From there, they spread over the Danubian plain and onwards throughout Central Europe before settling in Western Europe as far as Ireland and Spain and in the East, as far as Galatia in Turkey.

The author relies on the most recent archaeological discoveries, including tombs and fortresses, from the 6th century to the oppida settlements of the 2nd century B.C. He analyzes social organization and religion and considers farmers and warriors, priests and princes as well as the role of women. He also studies arts and crafts (The Celts were masters of iron and bronze in the
3rd century B.C.).

The Author(s)

Venceslas Kruta is Emeritus Director of Protohistorical European Studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes de Paris. He has written some thirty books on Celtic civilization, some of which have been translated into a dozen languages, and he was awarded the Grand Prix d’Histoire by the Académie française in 2001.

Key Sales Points

– The world of the ancient Celts, with its unsuspected wealth and diversity, was a founding element of Europe.
– A very accessible introduction to the subject by a recognized specialist.
– A very well-documented book.