The Gift of Loving Volume 1 : Foreword

Le don d’aimer, Tome 1 : Prélude

Jean-Michel Bartnicki

FORMAT: 148 X 207
PAGES: 348
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 103 000 approx.
PRICE: 20.00 €
PUBLISHER: Libre 2 Lire éditions

The Work

July 23, 2030. In Casabasciana, a small mountain village in Tuscany, Lucia and Pierre sit comfortably on their sofa, facing the beauty of the mountain and remembering. They flirt with their past, hugging each other as though in their most beautiful moments as lovers, something that would not have been possible without a sequence of major historical events, that is as improbable as it is extraordinary.

The flight of a Polish officer in 1836, the emigration of an Italian worker to become a miner in Belgium in 1946… Individual fates intersect and collide, in a saga where history itself is an essential character.

And who is Carla, with her wonderful hazelnut eyes, speckled with gold? And what about Herman Fridman who, at the end of the Earth, is about to unleash the first cybernetic tsunami?

The Author(s)

Jean-Michel Bartnicki was born in 1957 in the north of France. A retired school teacher, he can boast of having had one of his song books prefaced by the singer Carine Reggiani. Poet, lyricist (member of the association SACEM) and spare-time short story writer, this literary jack-of-all-trades has now published his first historical novel.

Key Sales Points

– Like a time machine, this sentimental novel takes us through two centuries of immigration history in Belgium.
– Skillfully crafted, well-documented, humanistic and deep.
– A precise, elegant writing.