Yabrir Service


Yabrir Service

Yabrir Service

Jérôme Citerne

FORMAT: 132 x 202
PAGES: 330
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 93 000 approx.
PRICE: 16.90 €
PUBLISHER: Faralonn éditions

The Work

When Mina’s father dies in a far-flung corner of the galaxy while fulfilling a mysterious contract. The young woman finds herself unwillingly engaged in a race against time.

As the heiress of Yabrir Service and its spaceship the Luanda, she has to solve her father’s death and honour the contract that will save her company from going out of business.

As she travels from the Watiko Empire to the most evil planets in the galaxy, Mina is forced to plunge deeper and deeper into a dark and hopeless universe. She faces plots, murderers and galactic gangsters, and neither she nor her crew escapes the galaxy’s ever-present dangers unscathed.

The Author(s)

Jérôme Citerne is a lover of science fiction who teaches in a vocational high school. He published his first novel, a futuristic dystopia entitled Bienvenue au St Klaus Asylum, in 2011. Six years later, he published two further novels, Space operas.

Key Sales Points

– A wide, rich and complex universe that will appeal to the many fans of science fiction.
– Well-developed and endearing characters.
– An intense, immersive story written in a fluid style that makes the book hard to put down.