The eleven orphans of Mrs. Li


The eleven orphans of Mrs. Li

Les onze orphelins de Madame Li

Pascal Vatinel

FORMAT: 145 x 225
PAGES: 320
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 89 000 approx.
PRICE: 18 €
PUBLISHER: le Temps éditeur

The Work

Crystal Meth is the common name for a form of methamphetamine drug that causes irreversible brain damage. When pure, it is colourless and odourless. It makes those who take it into real human bombs.

As this drug, which is little-known in China, spreads across the country, the bodies of children gradually turn Beijing into a veritable graveyard. In his attempts to put an end to this slaughter, Wen, a former member of the criminal brigade, finds himself unwillingly associated with Mrs. Li, the extraordinary manager of an orphanage.

In the course of a thrilling investigation, the book reveals the frightening, shadowy side of a nation which in pursuit of its former prowess has had to “open its doors to the outside world, unwittingly letting in the flies”.

The Author(s)

Pascal Vatinel is a renowned China specialist and 2013 winner of the Institut Français’, Prix Stendhal. As well as having published many children’s books for Actes Sud ed., he has written several detective novels, published by Rouergue. Repeatedly recognized for the quality of his work, he was the chosen author of the prominent radio station France Inter in 2012 and was selected by the Fnac bookshop in 2013 for his novel Parce que le sang n’oublie pas. He also won the 2012 Dérives de l’Orient prize for L’Affaire du cuisinier chinois. On several occasions, he has been a finalist for the Intramuros Prize as well as the Cognac festival of detective fiction.

Key Sales Points

– An exotic thriller that give readers a glimpse of the dark side of a still mysterious China.

– A breathless, skillfully managed plot from beginning to end.

– A multiple-award-winning author, recognized by publishers and critics for the quality of his work.