Benjamin Desmares

FORMAT: 148 x 210
PAGES: 232
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 68 000 approx.
PRICE: 19 €
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2019
PUBLISHER: Tri Nox éditions

The Work

In a quiet village in Western France, puzzling events follow one another.

A sleepwalker wakes up in unlikely places and cannot remember what he did during the night. A teenager in love looks for a suitable place for his first frolics. A sleepless local police officer discovers that the water treatment plant seems to be clogged up with something, something soft, something red…

Well-kept secrets, stubborn hatreds, the settling of accounts, resentments and jealousies, all the filthy mess that has accumulated over the years seems to want to rise to the surface.

And it does not smell good. Not good at all.

The Author(s)

Originally from Cherbourg, Benjamin Desmares has lived near Redon in Brittany for many years. He has worked for several years, in performance arts for an organization that promotes social integration.

He is the author of several novels for teenagers and adults, published since 2015 by Editions du Rouergue. They include Des poings dans le ventre, which received the “Pépite” prize in the novel category at the Montreuil Youth Book Fair in 2017, and the post-apocalyptic, La Tribu des Désormais (2019).

Key Sales Points

– A rural crime novel whose main character is a modest local police officer, struggling with inner demons he thought he had left behind him.
– A dark, gloomy, odorous and terribly human novel where cowardice, remorse and regret intersect, as they do in life.