Pierre Olivier Lombarteix

FORMAT: 145 x 225
PAGES: 320
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 70 000 approx.
PRICE: 16,90€
PUBLISHER: le Temps éditeur

The Work

A serial killer is terrorizing Dublin. Although the victims seem to be chosen randomly, they have one thing in common; they all live beside the Liffey, the river that crosses the Irish capital. Simple chance, coincidence? – Nothing could be less certain because at each crime scene, like a message, there is a small pebble with a strange inscription, – a rune, a letter from the alphabet the Vikings used more than a thousand years ago when they came to raid and pillage the Irish coast. Deirdre McNeill, a young ethnologist specializing in ancient rituals and forgotten civilizations, is quickly contacted to work with the investigators. The investigation nevertheless takes an unexpected turn when the suspicions of the Dublin Gardà focus on Erik, Deirdre’s Norwegian colleague …

The Author(s)

Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix is an English lecturer at Orleans University. He lived for a long time in Ireland, a country he still often visits, carrying out research into its early populations. As a linguist, he also trains French police officers who are sent on UN missions. His books include Ogham and Trèfle noir (Black Shamrock), published by Le Temps as part of the “Noir Premiers” collection in March and Novembre 2016 respectively.

Key Sales Points

– A thriller that transports the reader to the unfamiliar, green landscapes of Ireland.

– A discovery or rediscovery of Viking culture in all its richness and its lasting heritage in Ireland.

– A writer who specializes in the British Isles and the early Scandinavian peoples.